Riding the storm

By Leslie Caveny

As we’ve seen in recent months, in Central Illinois, storms can cause a lot of damage to property, vehicles and businesses.

Like thunder and lightning, hail can rain down any time of the year, but as people living in the plains can testify, these storms tend to be at their peak during summer.

The Midwest and plains states see more tornadoes than the west or east. To prepare yourself for Mother Nature's wild conditions, visit Ready.gov, which is a website maintained by FEMA.

Then there's flooding to contend with. In the last five years, all 50 states have experienced a flood in one form or another, according to FEMA.

Lightning, hail and wind (tornados) are all perils covered by your homeowners insurance, yet flooding is not included and is only covered by the National Flood Insurance Plan.  

People in obvious one-to-10 year flood plains recognize the need for flood insurance and banks often require it for a loan. However, those away from the obvious river and larger streams forget that a sudden rainfall concentrating five-to-seven inches onto a small area can cause water to pool and/or flow causing unexpected damage. 

Flooding is the number one natural disaster in the United States so make sure you’re covered.

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