So, here are my top tips:

  • Only purchase from known, verified vendors. Try not to venture too far off the beaten path in pursuit of the lowest price on the latest toy craze.
  • Try creating your profile or checking out without storing your debit/credit card information. Although convenient for next time, it means that this information is being stored on their servers. If someone else hacks into those servers, your saved information could be available to that hacker.
  • When entering sensitive, personal information, only do so on a secure page connection. Look for the “lock” icon somewhere in the browser window and the letters “https” before the web address. The “s” in https indicates the page is secure and encryption is being used to protect the communication between your browser and the website.
  • When using the same login information on your trusted sites or even when you are creating a new profile, use passwords that you can remember, but are not easily guessed. Sequential numbers, the word ‘password’, a pet’s name, or a birthdate are not secure enough to keep your information safe. Also, update these passwords regularly with unique, new passwords to ensure security in the event your password has been compromised.
  • Respond quickly to all suspicious account activity. Staying on top of account activity and alerts means that you’re able to catch something before too much damage is done.
  • If possible, use a credit card rather than a debit card to complete a purchase. Credit cards are much more secure and offer additional services to keep your money safe. Also, try not to use multiple credit cards for online purchases. If you use only one, you are able to keep track of where you are spending and when. If there is only one, you can keep everything straight and report any suspicious activity immediately.


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