The Protection Your Business Needs

By Carl Weitzel

Owning a business is a huge financial investment. Starting, developing, and expanding a business requires the acquisition of property that includes office space or buildings, computers, furniture, equipment, and inventory. For many businesses, such as manufacturing plants and distributors with sprawling warehouses, this can equate to millions of dollars in equipment alone. The loss of these items would be a major blow to any sized business and, in many cases, could lead to closure without the protective coverage of property insurance.

Commercial property insurance safeguards your business from events such as fire theft, vandalism, or windstorms (review your coverage or speak with us today to find out what is covered under your policy) and the insurance premium can typically be expensed. Beyond being a good hedge against loss for the business owner, most mortgage and business loan lenders require proof of commercial property insurance that protects their investment as well. Further, policies can be written to include business interruption insurance, which covers lost revenue – and more – in the event, a covered event halts business operations.

Dangerous driving

 By Leslie Caveny


Dangerous driving comes in many forms, which can be easily avoided. At this time of year, when the roads are affected by snow and/or frost, it’s even more imperative to act responsibly when driving – not just for the safety of you and your passengers, but also the safety of fellow motorists.

Here are some of the most concerning behaviors adopted by drivers, which are easy to avoid. According to the National Safety Council, texting while driving accounts for 330,000 accidents annually in the US – equivalent to 25% of all road incidents.

Insure Your Christmas Gifts

By Quinn Allen


Christmas tends to be a time for spending and big purchases for the ones that we love. Unfortunately, this often means we are at higher risk of property theft during the Holidays. It’s important that you make the time to speak with your insurance agent to ensure that these new gifts are covered under your policy. Depending on the item, you could schedule or you could increase your coverage by making changes to even a homeowner or car insurance policy – if the purchased item is a home or car. Examples of items to schedule are:


  • Computers, laptops, or tablets
  • Hobby Equipment (ski, scuba, quad copters, RC airplanes, etc.)
  • Musical instruments
  • Jewelry
  • Televisions
  • Designer clothing
  • Gaming systems (PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, etc.)
  • Fine art (prints, paintings, sculptures, vases, etc.)
  • Mobile Devices
  • Cameras/equipment


Identity Theft – Online Christmas Shopping

By Carl Weitzel

The last of the Halloween candy is dwindling, the “free turkey with purchase” ads are in full swing, and retailers have their holiday decorations ablaze. Perhaps you have started your Christmas shopping. Maybe you are one of those devoted go-getters already putting the finishing touches on your list or, maybe you enjoy the crush of the last-minute binge.

Whatever your style, The National Retail Federation knows this – almost half of all holiday shopping will be done online (NRF, October 20, 2015). Although I’m a devoted local shopper, sometimes that one unique item can only be found at Let’s face it, browsing and buying on the web can save you time and money. Unfortunately, this convenience comes with vulnerabilities, namely, personal information security. When searching for that perfect deal, you may be tempted to visit some not-so-professional looking sites or might fall victim to a mass security breach.


Is your vacation home properly protected? 

 By Leslie Caveny


More and more people are investing in vacation homes. Vacation homes offer you a sanctuary, while also providing you with additional income if you decide to rent your property to others.

The question is, do you have your vacation home properly protected? Purchasing a vacation home is a significant investment. The following are a few things to take into consideration to properly protect your investment.

Like most vacation homeowners, you’re likely to spend time there sporadically this means it will be unoccupied a great deal of the year. It’s probably a good idea to install a home alarm, at minimum, or a surveillance system to prevent theft or fire. Thanks to the internet you can see what’s happening at your vacation home in real time – so you can keep watch over your property.

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